Corporate Partners

We simply couldn’t do it without them.

Our amazing partners play a vital role in supporting the aims of The Murray Parish Trust, and we simply couldn’t manage without them!

Murray Parish Trust partnerships offer unique and exclusive hospitality opportunities for companies looking to offer something special to their clients and staff. This can be through sponsoring our events, coming along and inviting your own guests, offering auction and raffle prizes, or even providing volunteers to help us run our events.

Support for our charity often generates extensive TV, print and online media coverage, creating heightened visibility and enhanced credibility.

Businesses who have engaged with us say that this has enabled them to provide opportunities that are incredibly fulfilling for their employees, clients and the local community, whilst supporting staff in their own fundraising efforts has also had a very positive effect on morale. A partnership with the Murray Parish Trust is a really great way for companies to show just how seriously they take their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Murray Parish Trust partnerships
Murray Parish Trust partnerships

Here are some ways partners can support us

Charity of the Year
Organise your own fundraising events
Employee support at sponsored events and challenges
Donating a percentage of invoices
Free Dress Days
Match-funding employee’s initiatives
Payroll Giving
Sponsoring our events
Making corporate donations

If you would like to discuss becoming a partner of The Murray Parish Trust please contact either Sam or Pippa.

[email protected]
[email protected]


Your Support is Vital

If you’d like to become a partner or would like more information, please get in touch.

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